New Listener Primer

We’re closing in 100 episodes!

For those who are new to the show or may not have caught every episode, here is a list of good places to jump in (or catch up). These episodes provide a glimpse into what we do on Faith Uncut.

Whether it’s your first time hearing them or a refresher, we hope you enjoy!

Church Hurt

We have to address Church Hurt. It is real. We get real with it in this episode.

Was Jesus a Social Justice Warrior?

JW and Mike answer the question if Jesus of Nazareth was a social justice warrior? We’re looking at the types of things he said and did. If Christians are his followers and he was an SJW, what does that mean for us?

Evolution of Your Personal Theology

Amera and Mike discuss theology, what it means to define your own and why your personal theology is important.

Faith that Affirms – Blackness

Amera and Mike explore the importance of a faith that affirms blackness. They address harmful and healthy depictions, why it is vital to the development of self-identity, and strategies for ensuring we construct healthy environments. With so many anti-black messages pressing into our collective consciousness, this isn’t just a fight in faith spaces. It is an interconnected effort to devalue so our efforts to affirm must also push back on multiple fronts.

Why do black Christians worship white Jesus? Why practice a faith given to you by slave masters? Amera and Mike deal with common arguments raised and how applying a little critical thought allows for richer and historically accurate dialog. There’s a lot to address in this one. Take the journey with them. Be affirmed.

Surrogacy, Suffering, and Salvation

Black women are tired! For good reason. Amera and Mike take a walk through what contributes to this fatigue. One of those things is what we are traditionally taught about Jesus’ death on the cross. We’re using insight from Delores S. Williams to have this conversation we hope sheds some light on why it’s time to outgrow viewing black women as perpetually raising other people’s kids. It’s social commentary. It’s theology. It’s liberating. Join us!

Queer Theology w/Nick Gaines

This episode is from our Sex in the Bible series. It is an important discussion of Queer Theology. Nick Gaines joins us as we attempt to liberate our view of God and allow that freedom to liberate ourselves.

The Problem of Evil & Suffering

If God is so powerful and good, why does evil exist? Mike and Amera tackle this age-old question. What do our answers about this say about God? This discussion looks at how other religions answer the question and explores the idea of a relational God. Do not miss this one!

Evangelism is Colonialism

Why does the approach of evangelicalism look similar to colonialism? We’re discussing the history and where we think things have gone wrong. We challenge a common understanding of the Great Commission as we explore if Jesus really asked us to convert everyone. If not, then what did he mean?