The Age of the Digital Griot Conference

The Age of the Digital Griot Conference will be held at OpenGov Hub in Washington D.C., April 27-28, 2018.

This conference is the premiere event founded by We the Culture Podcast Collective, consisting of two upcoming podcasts: The Brown Liquor Report and Faith Uncut; and the creative minds behind the Innovators Studio DC. The conference “The Age of the Digital Griot” will feature professional workshops, networking sessions, and the opportunity to engage with innovators in the podcasting industry.

If you are new or true to podcasting or considering starting a podcast of your own, this conference will have the information you need to craft your voice to effectively tell your story. Conference speakers will share their experience in the areas of: Building a Team, Podcasting for Social Change, Producing Quality Audio on a Budget, The Art of the Interview, Financing your Podcast, Telling Your Story, and Best Practices for Building the Best Podcast. 

Conference Speakers

  • Panama Jackson (VerySmartBrothas / The Root)
  • Queen and J (Tea with Queen and J Podcast)
  • Ronald Matters and TheeSupaman (Here For It Podcast)
  • Morgan Givens (Dispatches Podcast)
  • Nicki Mayo (TVOne / The Philadelphia Tribune)
  • Jas Hands, The Count, & DJ Blackshah (The Brown Liquor Report Podcast)
  • Mike Richardson (Faith Uncut Podcast)
  • Marc Carr (Innovator’s Studio DC)

The conference also includes a networking mixer, catering by local black owned businesses, and the very first Live Recording for The Brown Liquor Report and Faith Uncut (We The Culture Podcast Collective)!

This is your opportunity to connect with podcast industry leaders and learn from their stories so you can tell yours.



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