Uncut AF

This week we discuss cursing versus cussing and all manner of language. We get into the history of profanity, its church roots, kids and cussing, and what the Bible says about it all. Can you cuss? Why TF not?
Listen, learn, share.

One thought on “Uncut AF

  1. Fun facts:
    1) I’ve heard (gotta do more research) that the F-bomb was really an acronym for Fornication Under the Crown of the King. Which really makes sense for that profane-language-around-the-church research.
    2) The phrase “dumb ass” is in 2 Peter 2:16. Of course KJV is using the phrase quite literally, referencing the previously mute donkey in Numbers 22:28, but still seeing that phrase in 2 Peter always makes me giggle.

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