Testimony Goals

We’re back from the holiday break with new goals. But first, we have to deal with A Very Special Testimony that generated a lot of discussion. It is an opportunity to have some uncut conversation about how we view sex, respectability, and ultimately, the people we’re called to love.

3 thoughts on “Testimony Goals

  1. Great commentary on the subject. One thing, in regards to Sis. Sonia’s “testimony” that I wish was mentioned, that could’ve changed the color of you guy’s discussion: She wasn’t sober.

    Of course there’s no precise way to tell from my armchair, but if I was a betting man….based on her slurred speech, fumbling sentences in the beginning, and *my observation of her mannerisms just on the video alone, I’m pretty sure she was drunk.

    (What makes me an expert on identifying drunk testimonies? In a word: family)

    Does that change the course of the conversation for you at all?

    1. I believe Amera mentioned it when she said it wasn’t clear if the person was still in the throes of trauma. It wasn’t explicit but I believe the three of us understood, high probability of influence was possible. That is one of many reasons I hope they followed up with her as she walked off camera.

      I don’t think it changes what the response should be. People outside of the church come in different ways. Inebriation is one of many things the church should be prepared for. Particularly since, as you pointed out, it may be familiar from some of our family interactions.

      1. I feel like her (potential) inebriation changes the course of conversation, but only slightly.

        I totally agree that immediate follow up should have been inacted, as she was quickly cut short. And to your point, church folks need to be hyper-aware and quick to love in such situations.

        Okay, let me stop being PC for a second….. Never give a drunk person a Mic! From what I gather from you guy’s commentary, and from life in general, we’re always going to have “loose canons.” For better or for worse. But dealing with someone who has (apparent) substance issues, and is (apparently) high right now, is a horse of another color, imo.

        For the record, I’m all for people speaking their truths and telling their stories. But the public microphone wields influence and, at the barest of minimums, shouldn’t be given to those with impaired thinking and judgment. Back to an earlier point, church folks need to be hyper-aware (read: trained) and respond accordingly. “Hey….psst, Sis? I know you wanna give your testimony right now, but how about speaking with Minister So-n-so right quick before you do? Is that okay?”

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